Over 50 and Bi-Curious. I am a person inside the 50’s that has sometimes seriously considered a same gender knowledge

Over 50 and Bi-Curious. I am a person inside the 50’s that has sometimes seriously considered a same gender knowledge

And whenever individuals today wrestle with bi/gay fancy and views i believe they can be really only wrestling with choosing just what tag they ought to have. Abandon the labels entirely and just determine which ya want to schtoop

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by loise Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:14 am

hello! everything I look for so interesting in your story, perhaps not the fantasy, mainly because can go in virtually any way anytime, although fact that you relate gender and fantasy aided by the must numb the pain sensation. really in my experience like a breakthrough to read this, because despite the fact that we guard the need to be in order to express whatever we feel or envision, you can imagine i’d an extremely rigid practically fanatic upbringing. the concept of sin was so engrained in me personally currently at ages of six years old https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/reno/ and remained very until 17 or 18, once I going having intimacy using my sweetheart, I would personally look in the mirror and state. you will be a sinner. (oh just the thought of that renders myself therefore enraged. i have ensured that my personal young ones would not know very well what your message ” sin” meant must of their childhood)but as you my personal very first sweetheart harm me personally and remaining me personally for my sis. the pain was actually excruciating. and masturbation going. then your crying. we recognize that I have tried personally they to numb the pain sensation. and that means that i have fed an adverse organization to enjoyment the majority of my life. no good.

but acting-out, yes, periodically. you do not need they any longer. i’m however experiencing whom im, maybe not considering the hetero or bisexual, but simply what type of life create I would like to has, intimacy is a significant issue for me. the last 10 years three-time intercourse with a friend who’s 25 years a friend. not healthy. I actually do not make healthy selections. but i feel safe, when they have somebody else,maybe their particular expectations of me personally, you, is nule or virtually nule, and therefore brings myself a feeling of versatility. how distorted would be that?

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by davidcharles Thu Dec 04, 2014 1:20 am

I am a mid 50s men and now have very good urges for sex with another man. I have got all of them additional moderately for many years however it arrived on powerful inside my 50s. In my own fancy, i am usually at the base, getting hard anal from a substantial (younger!!) man. I fantasize about being dominated as well as mild humiliation. I fantasize about offering oral sex to a guy. But oddly, never your sucking me personally and do not me personally ‘topping’ him anally.

My spouse knows about it and that I’ve recommended their to ‘role gamble’ for me but no chance however..I’m diligent! You should be diligent when you’re asking people to walk out of the sex, lol.

I’m not sure or truly proper care exactly what it method for end up being ‘gay’. I am old enough today where its all-just sex and you are who you really are, time by time. Absolutely nothing to see hung up about, either way.

Re: Over 50 and Bi-Curious

by Myotherlife Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:39 pm

We concur with the earliest poster — it really is pointless to classify men and women sexually, except, maybe, in really broad strokes.

We appear to be heterosexual. My partner does not have any troubles arousing myself, and I being most stimulated looking at pornorgraphic images of females, actually comfortable porn, particularly if the subjects in the porn become engaging in “my” specific fetishes/paraphilias and fulfill my personal “ideals” of sex. Porno visualizing partners or just males can slightly stimulate me, but much more because I think about myself personally inside their sneakers, so to speak, or best, within their panties!

When I have grown to be elderly (I’m shutting in on 71), We have started to fantasize about homosexual interactions, especially rectal intercourse as a premier and bottom, but i’ve never ever came across a guy that i might want intercourse with. I’m not actually yes exactly what such one could be. Possibly if he previously chest and vulva plus feminine than masculine qualities, however he would become a woman, would not the guy! (“Shemales,” incidentally, switch me next to!)

My partner told me early in our very own longer relationship that one thing she appreciated nevertheless loves about me would be that You will find a largish dollop of femininity about me personally. That will be possibly why i have prevented sporting events and pubs also “masculine” tasks for my entire life. I detest men’s room locker room, i possibly couldn’t care and attention considerably about autos and “boys’ evenings out” along with other “typical” male activities. But Really don’t really interact feminine tasks sometimes.

At the end of your day, i assume i’m simply “sexual,” so what? If we could be pleased with our everyday life, what huge difference will it create to anyone basically’m intimate to the amount If only, using the men i want to end up being sexual with, or with my self?

— Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:39 pm —

We buy into the earliest poster — it is useless to classify someone intimately, except, possibly, in really broad strokes.

I appear to be heterosexual. My wife doesn’t have issues stimulating me, and that I become extremely turned on examining pornorgraphic files of females, also comfortable porn, especially if the subjects in the pornography are participating in “my” specific fetishes/paraphilias and fulfill my personal “ideals” of sexuality. Porno visualizing people or boys can gently promote me personally, but a lot more because I envision my self within their shoes, as we say, or better, within knickers!

As I have grown to be earlier (i am shutting in on 71), i’ve started to fantasize about homosexual relations, specifically anal intercourse as a premier and base, but You will find never ever satisfied a person that I would want gender with. I’m not actually sure just what such a person could be. Possibly if he previously boobs and vulva plus elegant than male attributes, then again he would end up being a female, won’t the guy! (“Shemales,” incidentally, change myself quickly!)

My partner informed me early in all of our very long relationship this 1 thing she liked whilst still being loves about myself is the fact that We have a largish dollop of womanliness about me. Basically perhaps exactly why I avoided recreations and pubs also “masculine” tasks for my life. I detest men’s locker room, I couldn’t proper care much less about autos and “boys’ evenings out” as well as other “typical” male pursuits. But I do not actually interact feminine strategies possibly.

At the end of your day, i suppose i will be merely “sexual,” and therefore what? When we are pleased with our life, what huge difference can it create to any individual basically’m intimate towards the level I wish, with the men i do want to be intimate with, or with myself?

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